Old Spice Wild Collection, Featuring Snarling Outerwear

Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfhorn Deodorant Body Spay Body Wash Antiperspirant aftershave cologne scent advertisement wolf jacket

It’s not news that Old Spice has done a great job at rebranding themselves from being the scent of your grandpa to the drug store brand of choice for a new, gentlemanly generation. Most recently, they’ve dropped a line of animal inspired products—a body wash, body spray, deodorant/antiperspirant, aftershave and cologne—called the Wild Collection. The scents range from Wolfhorn (sweet musk) to Hawkridge (buttery almond cocoa) and Foxcrest (clean wood) but what’s really snagged our attention is the slick ad for Wolfhorn. It’s a quick watch, but all we’re saying is that we want a partially live caban the snarls and makes hot girls jump into sports cars with us. Check it after the jump.



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