NYMD: Backstage GARCIAVELEZ Autumn/Winter 2015

Beck_Lauren_Garcia14Image: Lauren Beck.

Architect and Harvard professor turned designer Carlos Garciavelez makes an even more known name for himself with his debut collection this season at New York Men’s Day. Under his eponymously titled label, GARCIAVELEZ, the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection arrives just as smart as its maker; in the form of formalwear infused with a youthful perspective and futuristic techniques—think paneled neoprene blazers and ombre lined sports coats—for the smoothest transition from the desk, to dinner, and then, of course, the dance floor.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia13Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia12Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia11Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia08Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia07Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia06Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Garcia05Image: Lauren Beck.

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Beck_Lauren_Garcia03Image: Lauren Beck.