NYMD: Backstage Lucio Castro Autumn/Winter 2015

Beck_Lauren_Lucio04Image: Lauren Beck.

Menswear basics with just the right touch of graphic emphasis and tall socks paired with even taller necks backstage Lucio Castro‘s Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation at New York Men’s Day.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio01Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio18Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio17Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio15Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio14Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio13Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio11Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio07Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio05Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Lucio02Image: Lauren Beck.