Nicki Minaj Bites Back with “Yikes”

After getting into it with her ex, rapper Meek Mill, on Twitter this week, Nicki Minaj sounds off with her first single of the year after abruptly and unceremoniously announcing her retirement from music in October. A departure from the bubblegum pop sound she’s mastered over the years, most recently on her Caribbean-ready summer hit “Megatron” back in June, the simple and scathing “Yikes” is a nearly three-minute-long attack on anyone who tries her and a brash return to her hip-hop roots. She even reportedly delayed the track a few hours so she could re-write a verse to address the Meek Mill situation — a line like “Yikes, you a clown, you do it for likes” get the point across pretty clearly. Clearly, the queen is ready to reclaim her throne.


Listen to “Yikes” above now.