Moncler Released a Jacket Made Out of Beans

Sustainability and innovation continue to be two of the biggest pillars of the Moncler empire. For its latest, the Italian brand released a bio-based and completely carbon-neutral jacket made with plant-based fabrics. The new coat follows the recent launch of the Grenoble Recycled Line as the outerwear giant’s latest step in its sustainable initiative.


In addition to plant-based material, many aspects of the jacket are made from beans. Yes, you read that correctly. The fabric lining, buttons, and zips of the new down jacket are all produced from castor beans, which require little water to grow and allow for a 30% reduction of CO2 emissions,  all the while still maintaining Moncler’s quality standard of technicality and performance. To top it off, a “BIO” chest graphic and hangtags further reflect the outerwear’s environmentally-friendly identity.