Milagro Tequila x Onora: A Love Letter to Mexico

Two artisanal Mexican traditions unite with Milagro Tequila’s collaboration with Onora Casa. The award-winning tequila is renowned for adapting ancestral methods in creating weber blue agave tequila from the Jalisco Highlands and bringing it to Mexico City. This work ethos resonates with Onora’s efforts to preserve traditional craft techniques. The resulting collection is a five-piece glassware set featuring one pitcher and four glasses finished in Milagro’s signature blue. The concept of glassblowing was first brought to Mexico in 1524 by the Spaniards and has remained unchanged with artisans blowing the molten glass and hand-making the shape and form. A special technique, called “Pepita,” is used to decorate the facade of the pieces, in this case, linear etchings that recall the agave rows from Milagro’s own fields.


Onora x Milagro