Maison Kitsuné + Pernod Absinthe: How to Wear Your Absinthe

Pernod Absinthe Maison Kitsune Normally, you’d probably not want to talk into a party dressed exactly as a bottle of alcohol, but when said bottle is Pernod Absinthe and it’s been designed by Maison Kitsuné, normal simply flies out the window. (Also—ingest enough of what’s in that Pernod bottle and you might even begin to see the family of Kitsuné foxes, that inhabit the print on both the bottle and the print, jump off your pants and out the window too.) The artwork, was unveiled on September 7th in New York for the launch of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The collection, as well as the limited-edition bottles, will be unveiled at Colette during Paris Fashion Week, and then be available for purchase exclusively at the famous concept store on Rue St Honoré. Other initiatives – short film, original music and print visuals – created by Maison Kitsuné, will be released online and within independent movie theaters. In addition, “Pernod Absinthe by Maison Kitsuné” events will take place in Paris, New York, and London in partnership with Le Baron. Only 1805 bottles—the year Pernod began—will be made available. (See the bottle after the jump)

Pernod Absinthe Maison Kitsune