KENZO Presents an Art Film by Gregg Araki

Video: KENZO.

The love child of the painfully chic French philosophy and the trendy, avant-garde Japanese attitude, KENZO just released a trailer of its upcoming original short film, “Here Now,” which showcases the label’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Written and directed by American independent filmmaker Gregg Araki—who famously created the ’90s cult teenage apocalypse trilogy—the new picture promises to be nothing short of fearless and adventurous, words that perfectly encapsulate the masterminds behind the project. Thankfully for our curiosity, the preview above offers a hurried glance at the work that is assuredly experiential—the first few seconds of the trailer already stages a gargantuan burger between beautiful teens violently making out, while featuring, of course, KENZO’s most psychedelic pieces for fall. The full short will premiere in Paris on July, 3, 2015 and then online the following day.