Goby Debuts Electric Toothbrush for the Modern Man

Goby ToothbrushImage: Goby.

It is said that the average person spends 40 days of his or her lifetime standing at the mirror and brushing teeth. In order to make that daunting time a little more fun and a lot more beneficial, new oral health company Goby unleashes a refreshingly contemporary electric toothbrush on smiles worldwide. The latest in an industry rapidly combining tech with hygiene, Goby is a vibrating, oscillating best friend that separates itself from the pack with a sleekly inviting design, guided by the visual masterminds behind Harry’s luxe razors.

Goby ToothbrushImage: Goby.

Residue buildup and recharging be gone, the built in drip tray and magnetic charging pad eliminates wait and washing times to allow even the busiest man a stress-free experience. Aiming for a total clean, the brush effectively times the user on each oral quadrant, a two-minute timer with 30 second intervals that hyper-focus attention in as succinct a pattern as possible. Utilizing three glowing dots nestled into the handle’s base, the tool will begin to illuminate blue when the dentist recommended use time per brush head – a healthy three months – is up, though with an offered subscription service the wait time between replacements becomes nonexistent. Available in four vibrant colors, the brush includes options for standard and sensitive settings with just the firm press of a button, the end-rounded bristles providing an effectively gentle caress. With inspiration drawn from the lack of affordable oral care in developing countries, Goby allows quality oral hygiene with a more modern flair, pairing futuristic aesthetics with down-to-earth usability. As the brand says so perfectly itself – “Relax and enjoy the buzz.”

Goby is available online now.