Get Ready Because LCM is Gonna be Weird

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I’m cold—with my feelings and in my current body temperature—resentful towards anything that I own from last season, and desperate to shed some pounds. While this sentiment can pretty much be used to describe my life 90% of the time, in January it can only mean one thing: London Collections: Men is right around the corner(!). Go freaking crazy. Starting with Lou Dalton on Monday and then escalating into an amalgamation of the most fresh-faced in men’s avant garde and RTW (Astrid Andersen, Topman , Xander Zhou, J.W. Anderson, Kit Neale, Agi & Sam, Sibling, Christopher Shannon, etc), to put it bluntly, we’re about to enter the most important three days in the emerging men’s market. To emotionally prepare for LCM, Dazed and Confused got the London scoop on the what we can expect to see for AW14 in the form of Youtube inspiration. And let me just say that if Shaun Samson’s homoerotic neck training wrestling video, or Craig Green’s perversly nostalgic video of Karen Carpenter singing “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” are accurate indications of LCM, then next week is going to be WEIRD.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Matthew Miller

Shaun Samson


Craig Green

Image courtesy of Youtube.