Full Bloom

Spring’s loudest looks play off proportions and athletic potential for an active take on better weather cool.

Photographed by Aric Sagdic | Styled by Niki Pauls

Shorts and shirt by JUUN.J

Vintage earring

Jacket by YANG LI, Shorts by KRISVANASSCHE, Shoes by NIKE, Socks by FALKE

Jacket, shirt, and shorts by ANDREA CREWS, Shoes by YANG LI, Socks by FALKE

Socks and shoes by NIKE

Jacket, shirt, and shorts by DRIES VAN NOTEN, Socks and shoes by NIKE


Jacket, shorts, and belt by KRISVANASSCHE, Shoes by YANG LI, Vintage earring, Stylist’s own socks 

Tank by DRIES VAN NOTEN, Pants by Y-3, Shoes by NIKE, Socks by FALKE

Jacket by DRIES VAN NOTEN, Shirt and pants by RAF SIMONS, Shorts by NIKE, Shoes by Y-3, Socks by FALKE, Vintage earring

Jacket, blazer, shorts, and shoes by Y-3, Vintage socks

Model: Sang Woo Kim at Select. Grooming by Benjamin Becher. Photo Assistants: Francisco Barrachina, Adrian Parvulescu, and Julien Eide. Fashion Assistant: Martin Turanski. Digital Assistant: Claudiu Vlad Ursache.