Equinox Adds Boxing-Inspired Workout to Roster of Cardio Classes

Image: Equinox.

Five levels of high-intensity, cardio-forward drills outline Equinox‘s new music-driven workout class by fitness guru Christa DiPaolo: The Cut. Inspired by DiPaolo’s own 15 plus years in the ring, the part combat, part kick-in-the-ass experience blends boxing jabs with the team mentality of kickboxing—and even martial arts-esque high-kicks—for a balanced, 45-minute workout that pushes cardiovascular and central nervous systems to new levels of performance.“The Cut is both fun and effective,” says the class’ originator. “We wanted to create a format that was non-intimidating and that used minimal equipment, while keeping the integrity and authenticity of the sport.” The event is part of the fitness club’s growing list of master-taught group sessions that push its members to physical extremes while retaining an intoxicatingly fun atmosphere.