Editor’s Pick: Dr. Squatch Natural Soap

DRSImage: Dr. Squatch.

While the subject of natural ingredients in your grooming products might sound like an unwanted lecture from that one friend of yours—we get it, okay, Jill!–Dr. Squatch‘s aromatically in-your-face line up of plant-based soaps do more than just seem fresh on their backside packaging, they actually are. That’s because these USA-born, handmade soaps use simple ingredients from the earth in a cold process method—mixing lye with water, natural base oils (olive, coconut, hemp, soy, and shea butter), and oatmeal and peppermint leave exfoliants—for bars that you can literally smell across the room. Made by men for men, the brand’s eight masculine scents range from Pine Tar, a black bar with a pungent, woodsy blast, to Spearmint Basil, a coolying Christmas cocktail-like cleanse. Even better, Dr. Squatch offers a subscription service, which means you can shower yourself in an endless supply outdoor aromas without any downtime in between.