Dockers Fall 2012 Preview

Fall previews on beautiful summery fridays such as today are difficult to imagine, but when its Dockers, we have no problem closing the window and imagining the crisp breeze of fall. New for Fall ’12 you’ll find a smart interpretation of the regular cargo pant in the Urban Explorer Khaki which forgoes bulky pockets for minimal looking hidden slits. You’ll also see the Scout Cargo which marries slim and tapered with the rugged detailing of motorcycle pants. The Alpha Khaki, which won our hearts over last season and rarely leave our regular repertoire of dress, comes in a new range of autumnal shades like Manzanita Bark, Red Ochre and even a herringbone till. Yes. We are still in shock that Dockers new cuts have become staples in our everyday wardrobe. Which reminds us—now that its March, we can finally buy all the beautiful Spring ’12 merchandise we were eyeing back in the winter!