Want Uber To Deliver Kittens To Your Office? Today They Will


This is not a test! Car service Uber has quietly been making their way up the legitimacy circuit (seconded only to the pop music circuit), partnering with noteworthy brands and offering promo codes for free rides around the city. And now today, National Cat Day if you weren’t in the know (tsk, tsk), they’re teaming up with popular meme site Cheezburger, converting their on-demand car service into an on-demand kitten service. Obviously. Lucky residents of New York City, San Fran, and Seattle will be able to order fifteen-minute play sessions with a kitten for a reasonable $20. Uber users can log onto the App to reserve their kitten play time with the entire $20 being donated to a local animal shelter. Separation issues? Been there. So has Uber. Therefore, the kittens are completely yours to adopt should you fall in lurve fast, and if that didn’t incentivize you enough, they come with Ace of Cake cupcakes (cupcakes!) and an “Uberrific Cat Pack” (the contents of which, who knows, who cares!). This begins at 11AM today and lasts until 4PM. Book now!!