Trending Tunes: Julien David SS17 Runway Soundtrack

Julien David
Image: Julien David.

Trending Tunes:

A true fashion experience as designers intended, Trending Tunes is the definitive collection of sleek, rippling audio that graces Spring/Summer 2017 runways the world over. Plug in to the longstanding pairing of music with sartorial art and let the beats inspire.

The mix:

Soundtrack from Julien David‘s Spring/Summer 2017 runway show in Paris for Paris Fashion Week by Studio Frederic Sanchez.

Track list in the following order:
01. “Alternative 3” – Haruomi Hosono/Friends of Earths
02. “Beans” – Susumu Yokota
03. “Gaps” – Komputer
04. “Mabui Dance #2” – Haruomi Hosono
05. “The Truck on the Sea” – Haruomi Hosono
06. “Kompaktor” – Komputer

Audio: Studio Frederic Sanchez, courtesy of Julien David.


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