Tim Coppens Fall 2013: Acid in My Heart

Tim Coppens Fall 2013 Menswear runway fashion week new york milk acid in my heart

What defines this collection are the voluminous sleeves on just about everything. Cut like shells and lined with graphic zippers, they’re inspired by Late 80’s/early 90’s skateboarding and graffiti, things that helped an adolescent Tim Coppens develop  into the sort of creative designer he is today. The effect is much less retro-skater, way more future-sport…we were thinking fencing or jousting, but if the magnetic skate thing ever takes off, that too. Either way, the combination of sporty paneling, cushioning and copper zippers gives it an electrified and nu-sporty feel. White, black and grey are founded on double faced wools, neoprenes and foam leather fabrications which are further mixed and matched upon sinuous shapes in burgundy and navy.

All photos by Ernie Green

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