Take a JIGGY Puzzle to Unwind

With jobs leading us to increasing levels of burnout, it’s low-tech activities like jigsaw puzzling that offer tactile satisfaction and a way to unwind. Kaylin Marcotte, theSkimm‘s first employee, launched a puzzle brand called JIGGY that features artworks from emerging female artists and puzzle glue to cherish the piece as the artwork itself.

Jiggy Puzzles


Marcotte first started doing puzzles while still working at the startup — a giant puzzle was eventually bought by the office because of her obsession. JIGGY eradicates all the shortcomings of good old puzzles with boring imagery. Instead, the first collection features imagery from artists in Slovenia, Germany, and Nigeria, amongst others to empower female artists from around the world.


Jiggy Puzzles Jiggy Puzzles


JIGGY comes in minimal millennial packaging and is stored in a glass container with a cork topper. Each puzzle also comes with glue and a precision tool that allows for framing to celebrate the completed work as home decor. And just like that, a nostalgic pastime comes back with a bang.