Unwind with Some CBD-Infused Ellis Brooklyn Massage Oil

After emerging as the It-ingredient of yesteryear, CBD continues to infiltrate various aspects of day-to-day life. Whether you take it daily in the form of drops, a latte, or in gummies, CBD  is the latest non-FDA approved essential to help relieve your stress. So when it’s added to something as soothing as a massage oil, the results are sure to be bliss. Enter Ellis Brooklyn Marvelous Massage & Body Oil with Full Spectrum CBD.


Ellis Brooklyn is an organic beauty company founded by Bee Shapiro, a Williamsburg-based beauty writer for The New York Times. Committed to providing premium fragrance and body care products, the company released the Marvelous Massage & Body Oil with Full Spectrum CBD — the serum is smooth and fragranced in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you and, most importantly, not sticky. Another crucial ingredient is maritime pine bark (an extract that helps stimulate antioxidant production), but its the CBD that takes your massage to the next level. As someone who frequently deals with muscle knots (probably because I don’t stretch enough before working out), the massage oil definitely provided some quick relief to the soreness I’ve gotten used to, which consequently helped me relax even further (I’m stressed all the time). It’s unlikely that anyone is going to feel the full benefits of CBD after one use, but I’m confident that by incorporating CBD and massages into my self-care routine, I’d evolve into an all-around chiller person.


Ellis Brooklyn Marvelous Massage & Body Oil with Full Spectrum CBD is available online now.