Roundup of Milan’s Hottest Bags for FW18

Before we jet off to Paris, Milan’s bags for Fall/Winter 2018 season are worth taking a look back at. With Dolce & Gabbana flying in their bags on drones, bags were swinging all around including a conveyor belt presentation. This season, Italian designers offered us a completely new look at the “man-bag.” No longer are we carrying around clutches, instead giving way to chunky traveler-bags for everyday use. These are worn standard carrying by the handle, or clutching underhand, as seen by Bally. The leather bag isn’t going anywhere yet either, but there are newer options available from Versace made in velvet and decorated with tassels, oh my! Backpacks are still very much trending with Etro and Tod’s with a sturdy structure. Meanwhile Fendi took the travel theme quite literally to real-size suitcases and some smaller, suitcase-resembling pieces as well. Looking forward, this trend is anticipated to be reinforced in Paris as well.

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