Protect Your Cash with a Gucci Money Clip

While a lot of new dining spots are starting to adopt a cashless policy, most bars and some alternative restaurants still honor a cash-only policy. I reckon the days of having the option to choose to pay with either cash or card (and confusing servers when splitting a bill) are numbered. But it’s been semi-proven that people spend less when they pay for things using actual cash — something about the visual sight of the transaction triggers something in the brain that says ‘Easy there.’ And it seems that Gucci is tapping into this by releasing a trio of leather money clips. Each style is made with rich leather and is garnished with straightforward branding. One clip features a simple GG logo in gold hardware, while another features embossed leather in another GG logo formation, enhanced with silver hardware. A third style features a gold bee detail that seems to be a subtle shout out to Beyonce’s legion of fans aka the Beyhive.


The Gucci money clips are available online now.