Norwegian Wool Combines Scandinavian Cool with Performance Edge

Dressing for winter remains an tenacious challenge for 5-6 months out of every year for those who are subjected to temperate climate zones, often resolved by dark and heavy coats that consume the body under the pretense of keeping it warm and protected from the elements. With its latest range of upscale outerwear, Norwegian Wool seamlessly combines contemporary  Scandinavian design with elevated performance acuity and precise Italian craftsmanship. A perfect fusion of crisp aesthetics with premium materials and exemplary technique guarantees at least one sleek option to last you well beyond one winter.


Whether you’re an outdoorsy type who embraces the cold in all its frigid glory or an urban dweller that simply needs insulation for the commute from home to train to the office and back again, the Norwegian outerwear maker has created a comprehensive range that effortlessly fulfills these needs. A topcoat is a classic look, but this one has been ameliorated with a hidden hood that’s been lined with cotton-cashmere knit for optimum comfort. The parka has been de-puffed to avoid too much of a balloon shape, resulting in a trim fit that’s light yet strong. Either way, Norwegian Wool offers a timeless update to the winter staples that allows to embrace the season looking sharp as ever.


Norwegian Wool is available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, and online now.


norwegian wool