Nicola Formichetti Kicks Off Pepsi’s 2015 Design Challenge

Nicola-Can-Design-PR-ImageImage: Pepsi.

Diesel Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti translates his famous Nicopanda emblems atop Pepsi cans and bottles as part of the beverage brand’s kick off for its 2015 Live for Now Design Challenge. A global competition, the artistic contest gives consumers the opportunity to re-envision the red, white, and blue-colored can as they see fit, with everything from the abstract to landscape prints already entered in the contest online since its launch earlier this week. Entrants can continue to submit now until May 13, 2015, and a final winner will be chosen from a jury including Formichetti himself, Pepsi’s Senior VP and Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini, industrial designer Karim Rashid, fashion designer Marcelo Burlon, and more. “I’m inspired on a day-to-day basis by my travels and everything around me. I try to incorporate all of my visions, inspirations, and thoughts into each unique design I create,” says Formichetti. “I wanted to pay homage to a brand that is so iconic and well known around the world through the right balance of maintaining its recognizable color palette, but giving it a contemporary and modern twist that reflects my personal style and design. I hope it inspires others the same way the Pepsi Challenge has inspired me since its launch. It is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone to reach new heights.”