New! Bull & Tassel, A Modern Take on Tux Slippers

Bull + Tassel Tuxedo slipper tux club shoeSomething to think about—Classic tux slippers should be freed. As in, they should no longer be relegated to the polished marble floors of opulent club life. We’re into freeing things…which is good because, actually, they have been freed. By one David Zimmerman, owner and founder of the southern California private membership club, Matador Alcove in Costa Mesa, CA and now mastermind behind Bull + Tassel, a brand new footwear company with the mission of giving the age old sipper some modern trappings. “…the once formal tux slipper has been re-imagined for the modern man’s wardrobe. The rules no longer apply when it comes to personal style and I saw a need for a shoe that was not only luxurious but practical,” says Zimmerman. While the styles (there are three, pictured after the jump) keep it rich, you’ll find durable rubber outsoles for bustling city streets. Also calf leather and cotton insoles, either poly-grosgrain or poly-cotton bodies and a price-tag of $195. So continue thinking. Maybe about pairing one of these shoes with some trousers or chinos next time you’re jaunting about town. You’re regal, but also down to earth. Check all three looks after the jump.

Bull + Tassel Tuxedo slipper tux club shoe

The Biff

Bull + Tassel Tuxedo slipper tux club shoe

The Skip

Bull + Tassel Tuxedo slipper tux club shoe

The Glen


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