Montblanc Introduces Screenwriter App for iPad

MB2Image: Montblanc.

In partnership with innovation company AKQA, German writing utensil specialists Montblanc introduce the ScreenWriter app, a new digital experience that compliments the brand’s StarWalker Extreme ScreenWriter pen, enabling one to sketch, take notes, and express thoughts on a tablet with the precision, elegance, and style expected of Montblanc’s instruments. The app allows users to compose free-hand messages directly onto the iPad in a range of nibs, inks, and paper styles to easily customize and share personal messages.

MBImage: Montblanc.

Given Montblanc’s long history in pen-and-paper, these innovations mark a distinct step into tech for the storied brand. By bestowing its renowned expertise onto forward-thinking products, Montblanc establishes itself as a force in the ever-expanding world of writing technology.

The StarWalker Extreme Screenwriter is available online, and the ScreenWriter iPad app is available for free download now.