Moncler & Sandro Mandrio Launch Grenoble Collection


For its latest collaboration, Moncler worked with Italian artist Sandro Mandrino, who reimagined the traditional outerwear brand into a psychedelic frenzy of color. The artist sticks to the purpose of a garment when he designs it, but he breaks all the pragmatic rules, resulting in a recognizable and intrepid style.


The Grenoble collaboration features many-layered pieces all accented with plush colored faux fur. At the same time, all of the fabrics are functional: water-resistant, include membranes and velcro closures that allow for movement and protection, and practical volumes.


Mandrino’s pieces, however, take to the visual with tie-dye motifs, allover prints, flower patterns, fringes, and patchworks that give off a DIY effect. Think of it as the ultimate ski rave collection taking the sport to a whole new technical dimension fueled by bohemian spirit.


Learn more about the Grenoble collection in the video above.