MAKE Releases Succulent Skin Gel

MAKE succulent skin gel
Image: MAKE.

Whether skin is dry from the harsh winter winds of the Swiss Alps or irritated from the coarse Ibiza sand, the hydrating experts at MAKE have got even the most damaging of conditions covered. The new Succulent Skin Gel, pulled from the same sources as a Brooklyn-ite’s windowsill garden, is a detoxifying absorbent that comforts, heals, and abolishes just about any negative environmental effect. Stepping off a cross-atlantic flight and need a quick skin pick-me-up? Antioxidants from the cactus amino acids will fight any in-air inflammatory issues. Went out in the Barbados sun without any sunscreen? The healing herbs (chamomile, calendula, comfrey) and prickly pear will nourish skin cells and soothe any over-charred infrared exposure. Pumped full of vitamin E and omega-rich beyond belief, this deceivingly simple recipe is a heavyweight fighter swinging to revive your youthful complexion. With just a hint of aloe vera providing that nose-tinglingly icy scent, the Succulent Gel provides an effective pushback against any harsh environmental conditions trying to do your skin in.  Wrapped up in a portable matte-white tube with a barely-there label, this vegan and gluten-free addition to MAKE’s Naxos Skincare Collection is a never-sticky, pro-aging must, come what may.

MAKE’s Succulent Skin Gel is available online now.