Louis Vuitton Announces Men’s Denim Collection

Louis Vuitton DenimImage: Louis Vuitton.

Launching this season, Louis Vuitton’s Denim for Men collection combines both Japanese and European styling with a special attention to details for a release that fits all body shapes with unparalleled comfort. The collection includes three key styles – slim stretch, slim classic, and classic regular – within an array of washes and colors.

Louis Vuitton DenimImage: Louis Vuitton.

The star of the collection, indigo washed denim, comes with specially aged gold detailing on the rivets and buttons and a yellow Louis Vuitton design embroidered on the front pocket for an eye-catching finishing touch. Motivated by the brand’s archival trunks, dating as far back as 1885, the collection premieres with five pieces of denim that feature both classic and surprisingly hard-sided luggage details. Each pair comes with exquisite tailoring, unique washes, and meticulous hand-done treatments – a staggering collision between modernity and tradition, elegance and leisure, that proves to be a must-have for denim lovers and casual fans alike.

Louis Vuitton’s Denim for Men is available online.