Hermès Unveils Window Installations by Christopher Boots

20141120_Hermes_Windows--11Image: Hermès.

As part of its annual “Metamorphosis” theme and ongoing “Vitrine D’Artiste” program, legendary French fashion house Hermès recently introduced artist Christopher Boots as designer of the brand’s holiday 2014 window installations at its Madison Avenue boutique in New York City. Boots’ work often explores natural geometry, and the multiple window installation is inspired by the patterns, shapes, and structures found in plants, animals, and minerals. Be sure to visit the installations if you’re in the area holiday shopping, or check them out below.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--17Image: Hermès.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--27Image: Hermès.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--36Image: Hermès.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--30Image: Hermès.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--21Image: Hermès.

20141120_Hermes_Windows--24Image: Hermès.