Gap x Telfar Hosted Paris Fashion Week’s Hottest Party

Gap and Telfar celebrated their collaboration with a launch party at Gap’s multi-level Tronchet store in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week. The two American brands transformed the space into an after-hours club ahead of the upcoming capsule.


Both brands come from a background of marrying clothing with culture, music, and art. The shared philosophy resulted in a democratic and universal wardrobe available within an affordable price range. This partnership allows each label to explore new ways of expression and drive positive change that is so needed in the industry today.


gap x telfar


“It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m obsessed with Gap — what I do is about the idea of ‘normal’ — and changing that — because that is when you change real life. Gap created the blueprint for my brand because the Gap person is literally everybody: every possible race, gender, rich, poor,” said Telfar founder Telfar Clemens in a statement. “I want to take that idea to the year 2020 — and to take my clothes outside of just fashion capitals and boutiques and actually make them available for everybody. Gap makes that possible.” With the collection to be released imminently, both brands are spearheading a new direction for the decade and contradicting the fashion bourgeoisie. Vive la revolution!