G-Star RAW at Berlin Bread & Butter

G-Star RAW left the models at home for the launch of their Autumn 2012 collection at Bread and Butter in Berlin. Instead, seven male and seven female dancers performed a truncated version of hit Dutch modern dance show, ZOUT, under the choreography of the modern dance master Conny Janssen. The latest pieces offer up new cuts, styles and colors that make a collection just as innovative as the presentation. The New Radar features pockets built lower into the denim that make it possible to sport the “hang-low” look without showing the world your backside. G-Star also introduced Deep Tones, a new treatment that lets you wash your denim regularly without having to worry about fade. Lastly, a color palette of yellow, red and orange has been added to the standard indigo and black.

G- Star Fall/Winter 2012

G- Star Fall/Winter 2012 Show