Fondazione Prada Hosts Dance Production “Through Walls of Mist” in Milan

Image: Prada.

The glowing, gilded Fondazione Prada building becomes a stage as a new art institution hosts a contemporary dance production, “Attraverso I muri di bruma,” or “Through Walls of Mist.” Directed by Marinella Guatterini, the production is brought to magnificent life by eleven recent graduates of Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi’s dance theatre program. The performance spans the entire complex as actors move across balconies, courtyards, terraces, and mirrored rooms. By combining contemporary theories with poetry, music, and film, “Through Walls of Mist” explores the nuances of the Italian language with films projected onto walls, numbers performed by men in suits, and dancers puppeteering strings over the balconies. For over two decades Fondazione Prada has been staging art exhibitions both at its complex in Largo Isarco, southern Milan, and in abandoned or defunct buildings and public spaces in the surrounding area. The installation is the brainchild of Billy Cowie, a Scottish choreographer, musician, artist, and writer, who is known for his stereoscopic performances and video installations. The title refers to the poem “Sei es So (Let it Be)” by German poet Silke Mansholt, who was both the visual designer and co-author of the production.

Clips of the performances can be viewed on Fondazione Prada’s official Instagram account now.