Filling Pieces Released a Tie-Dyed Collection

Filling Pieces has dipped into hand-dying for their new drop of the Autumn/Winter 2019 “NEW WORLD” collection. Items are usually dyed before assembly, but Filling Pieces has decided to revolutionize the process and dye the final item altogether.


The launch includes Lay Up Icey basketball-inspired sneaker that quite literally dipped into dye as a whole. This sneaker range comes in the peach, dark green, and navy colors and will be available online and at select retailers. Each item is entirely unique as the materials have their own unique patina and finish.


The collection also features a collaboration with @mattttttttter inspired by further experimentation in dyeing. The brand is offering 50 of the custom dyed ready-to-wear items in addition to their sneaker. The apparel comes in grey and purple base colors.