Fair Isle Done 14 Ways—Sweaters, Socks, Sneakers and More

Fair Isle Done 14 Ways—Sweaters, Socks, Sneakers and More

Back in the early 1920’s when then Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, took to wearing some multi-color knit tank tops crafted on some place called Fair Isle in Scotland, he probably never imagined that some of the world’s most respected designers would, about 90 years later, make it one of the staples of menswear style. To be sure, true Fair Isle can only be made on the Scottish island of said name, but who is anyone in fashion to stick to the rules? And actually, who even said Fair Isle has to be knit? There’s a watch here that would beg to differ. After the jump, you’ll find the sharpest, styles of Fair Isle for sale right now. Backpacks, gloves, scarves, hats, hoodies, socks and, well…more.

  • 1) The Sweater

    White Mountaineering Fair Isle Sweater; $610 at There are a lot of Fair Isle Sweaters popping up right about now, each one trying to out do the other with pops of colors, patterns, razzle-dazzle, what have you. Keeping it simple makes it unexpected.
  • 2) The Zip Up

    D&G Fair Isle Cardigan; $600 at Be warned, random people may snuggle up on you.
  • 3) The Tie

    Steven Alan Point End Knit Tie; $125 at For business or pleasure.
  • 4) The Belt

    Topman Brown Fair Isle Belt; $28 at Trendy today, classic tomorrow.
  • 5) The Jacket

    Oliver Spencer Pilot Jacket; $545 at A Fair Isle Bomber? Why yes, says fine British designer Oliver Spencer. We concur.
  • 6) The Sweater Vest

    Ralph Lauren Wool Fair Isle Vest; $295 at To match with any color.
  • 7) The Hat

    Patrick Ervell Pattern Knit Cap; $105 at Made from 100% Peruvian alpaca it's also really soft.
  • 8) The Shoe

    Keds Chukka Suede; $75 at Sometimes, it's just all about the lining.
  • 9) The Hoodie

    Brooks Brothers Fair Isle Hoodie; $148 at Loud, but lambswool.
  • 10) The Backpack

    Junya Watanabe Blue Fair Isle Wool Backpack; $360 at The authority on Fair Isle Backpacks.
  • 11) The Gloves

    Burberry Fair Isle Cashmere Gloves; $375 at There may be other cashmere gloves out there, but they're not these.
  • 12) The Scarf

    Paul Smith Grey Fair Isle Scarf; $260 at Children of the 80's and their grandparents might agree on this one.
  • 14) The Watch

    Asos Fair Isle Watch; $27 at Because the time should always be ten after the red stripe.


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