Ethan Hawke and Joe Alwyn Star in the Winter ’18 Issue

Actors Ethan Hawke and Joe Alwyn star in a special four cover issue for Winter 2018.

MOST WANTED: The most desired items you must have this season.
Photographed by Yuki Saito.

issue post_1
MISBEHAVIOR: Strike the chord between order and chaos.
Photographed by Jack Grayson and styled by Lisa Jarvis.

issue post_2


NEW ARRIVALS: The latest style collaborations and product launches.

issue post_3


TEXTURE FUSION: Develop a second skin this winter by combining disparate textures for protection against the elements.
Photographed by A.P. Kim and styled by Terry Lu.

issue post_4


DON’T LOOK BACK: Chase the new by daring to veer off-course.
Photographed by Christopher Ferguson and styled by Marc Anthony George.

issue post_5


ON A CLOUD: Tumid outerwear provides protection against the frigid.
Photographed by Alex John Beck and styled by Paul Frederick.

issue post_6


TEAM PLAYER: Out professional soccer player Collin Martin checks into the Baccarat Hotel to find solace off the field.
Photographed by David Urbanke and styled by Terry Lu.

issue post_7


SWEET DISPOSITION: Raúl Castillo reflects on his trailblazing career and reinterpreting masculinity.
Photographed by Ryan Duffin and styled by Robert Quick.

issue post_8


Photographed by Nicolas Valois and styled by Darryl Rodrigues.

issue post_11


WORLD ALONE: A tour through life’s intricate complexities.
Photographed by Kapturing and styled by Juan Camilo Rodriguez.

issue post_12


IN SERVICE OF THE ART: Ethan Hawke pieces together the mechanisms of the universe.
Photographed by Thomas Goldblum and styled by Darryl Rodrigues.

issue post_13


IN THE HEIGHTS: Uptown style cues for when the temperature drops.
Photographed by Danilo Hess and styled by Seppe Tirabassi.

issue post_14


RIGHT ON TIME: Joe Alwyn is set to take the global stage.
Photographed by Kevin Sinclair and styled by Terry Lu.

issue post_15


SHARP SPACES: Shanghai’s perpetual transformation inspires the latest EDITION Hotel.