Essentials: Year of the Snake

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We won’t pretend to be all Zodiac-inclined over here, but we did read that people born in the Year of the Snake (which arrives in on Sunday, February 10th) are gracious, analytical, hard working and…love material things. So, naturally, we relate. We don’t, however, relate to cheesy snake style, which slithers past us way more than it should. Hold the boots please! 2013’s version of snake is debonair, stately and also colorful! Lanvin turned out a stellar collection of snake inspired wares (some of which you’ll see after the jump), but so did a few other designers like Gucci, Balmain and Christian Louboutin. To see our favorites for sale…Glissade on though right here!

  • shoes2

    The Shoes: Lanvin
    $1195 at
    Classic, but dangerous with genuine snakeskin derbys. 

  • christianlouboutin-rantus-1130273_cm09_1_1200x1200

    The Sneaker: Christian Louboutin
    $2,395 at
    He was the most stylish python around before he became your sneakers.
  • Balmain-farfetchThe T-shirt: Balmain
    $463 at
    Balmain for The Nature Company? Not a bad idea!

  • TateossianThe Man Jewelry: Tateossian
    $475 at
    A reverse intaglio image engraved on a crystal cabochon and set on top of the lustre of mother of pearl with Tateossian's signature diamond pattern on the case. Magic!

  • Horiyoshi-the-thirdThe Scarf: Horiyoshi the Third
    $450 at
    Snakes on a plane! Well, a scarf really.

  • 83D08FBLK_largeThe Shirt: Topman
    $56 at
    An all over snakeskin print shirt is pushing it, but the blue obscures and gives it a modern computer print out vibe.

  • 10326039_1653114_1000The Cardigan: Insight
    $98 at
    First, it's a cardigan that wears kind of like a blazer. Second, the snakes have been shot and killed by arrows. So totally safe.

  • LanvinThe iPad Case: Lanvin
    $880 at
    So, you might have to fill out some kind of registry-customs form in order to have this shipped...which makes us want it even more!

  • Screen-shot-2013-02-05-at-10.00.32-AMThe Man-Bag: Gucci
    $4,500 at
    A pouch befitting of a python's expansive belly.

  • BGN1U33_mkThe Boots: YSL
    $895 at
    If you insist on snakeskin boots...(although these are only embossed).

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