Transitional Burn: Carhartt Work in Progress + MiN New York

Carhartt WIP MiN New York limited edition candle collaboration made in the usa apothecary workwear bergamot wormwood pine cedar timber armoise

Carhartt WIP—the European runway version of the famed American workwear brand, has made a stop in Manhattan apothecary MiN New York and left us with a limited edition candle inspired by the “changing spirit” of New York. Given the candle’s mixture of wintery timber, pine and cedar with calming armoise, bitter green wormwood and citrusy bergamot, we’re saying it’s also a good, guy-appropriate candle to take your olfactory system through the rest of the cold season and hopefully into the warm (only another 4 weeks of winter since Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this weekend). It burns for 50 hours, costs $50 and is only available in in the US at the Carhartt WIP store at 119 Cosby Street in New York, right next door to Min New York.


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