Check Out Givenchy’s Resort 2020 Collection

Travel was the prime influence in Givenchy‘s Resort 2020 collection. More specifically, it seems the designer was interested in those in-between moments of travel that seem to happen when you’re rushing across the terminal to make a connecting flight — the excited energy that one could imagine a jet-setter feels traveling the world with the ease of switching a train.


To capture this phenomenon, the designer relied on contrasting textures and styles for its menswear. Suits are served double-breasted and updated with oversized lapels and side slits in the trousers. In general, trousers (including suit trousers, cargo pants, and jeans) were flowy and oversized, a continuation of the looser pant style that was introduced in the designer’s Fall ’19 show. Athletic influences — in this case, Nascar-esque driving jackets and accompanying driving pants that emphasized the transportation theme — were embedded throughout the collection, offering an additional juxtaposition against the tailored formalwear.


The Givenchy Resort 2020 collection will be released in stores and online in July. Check out some of the looks (shot by Dario Catellani) below.


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