Carolina Herrera Reimagined a New James Bond Fragrance

Carolina Herrera’s newest fragrance release “Bad Boy” reincarnates the legendary James Bond. In exploring all the extents of traditionally accepted masculinity as portrayed by the character, the scent further reinforces a certain confidence only possible to achieve through perfumery. The eau de toilette is highlighted by notes of tonka beans and cacao for a deep mystical feel and layered with sage and bergamot that add contemporary flair. In fact, the image of the fragrance is played by actor Ed Skrein during a night in New York City. His character is contrasted by supermodel Karlie Kloss, who is the face of Good Girl fragrance. The lightening bolt-shaped flacon inspires Skrein allowing him to rebel, to break all the rules, and yet still do all with incredible elegance. That’s really the power of James Bond, a not-so-typical bad boy that still executes his success with utmost ease. And for moments when he’s in need of an extra elixir, Bad Boy acts as a secret spice to his powers. The new eau de toilette is a sure fall favorite.


Carolina Herrera Eau de Toilette Bad Boy is now available.