Canali Takes On Gamer and Media Mogul Riccardo Zacconi in latest ‘200 Steps’ Video

Video: Canali.

Perhaps a source of frustration for those jerking their phones on the morning subway commute, Riccardo Zacconi, founder of the popular mobile saga Candy Crush, is the latest man of inspiration for Italian brand Canali in the latest video for its ‘200 Steps’ series. “I love games because in addition to entertaining and offering an escape from reality, I am able to bring people together across generations, cultures and countries,” says the 40-year-old native of Rome and media mogul who shares his surreal reality of gaming, along with personal five key-thoughts that drive him to success. Like the fashion brand, Zacconi too journeys on the eccentric side of the life: floating from a cloudy horizon to a candy-coated floor.