Because Sometimes Life is Last Minute— JetSetter Now App Launches

Jettsetter Now AppOoops! Didn’t  have time to book your hotel? Plans fall through?  Maybe you got a little saucy and flew somewhere fabulous instead of returning home from your night out? Or perhaps you love playing roulette with your sleeping accommodations? Whichever one it is, Jetsetter’s got you. A new update to the Jetsetter iPhone and iPod Touch app gives you steeply discounted, same-day booking access to their meticulously curated selection of hip, classic, contemporary or luxe hotels. Deals launch every day at noon (in each US Time Zone) on the Jetsetter Now app, giving you the best day-of offerings (rooms will be up to %60 off) in each of their above mentioned categories. Thing is, you can’t see which hotel you’re booking, just a brief description of the location and vibe of the place plus the price. Once you book, you get the name and details. Scary, maybe, but this is why you’re using the GILT of travel in the first place. Jetsetter’s team understands, knows and has visited every spot on their list, all of which are exactly where the style savvy guy would want to stay (no econo lodge motels, thanks) and each place has to maintain at least 85% in user related reviews to stay listed. Anyway, once you find a good deal, all you’ve gotta do is take a picture of your credit card to pay. Then the app does some other cool things like sync with your iOS6’s Passbook, tell you how to get to the hotel and checks you in so all you have to do is pick up your key when you get there. It’s launching first in  New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and Chicago, but expect to see more locations added as they roll out the program.