AMI’s Parisian Aesthetic Collides with British Architecture in London Store Opening

AMI-MAYFAIR-©Philippe Fragniere-10Image: Philippe Fragniere, courtesy of AMI.

Following the launch of two pop-up shops at Paris’s Le Bon Marché, AMI opens its new London flagship store, located on Duke Street.

AMI-MAYFAIR-©Philippe Fragniere-01Image: Philippe Fragniere, courtesy of AMI.

AMI-MAYFAIR-©Philippe Fragniere-06Image: Philippe Fragniere, courtesy of AMI.

The brand’s newest store situates itself in one of the capital’s most iconic structures; transforming it into a raw menswear environment that brings its elegant and masculine essence to life in exposed white brick walls, brass, marble, and mirrors.

AMI-MAYFAIR-©Philippe Fragniere-04Image: Philippe Fragniere, courtesy of AMI.

The interior, as well as AMI’s aesthetic, combines traditional Parisian values with quintessential British architecture, creating a warm space with contrasting materials such as wood/concrete and yellow ceramic/black paint details, alongside ceiling-high windows and an open distribution of space.

AMI-MAYFAIR-©Philippe Fragniere-03Image: Philippe Fragniere, courtesy of AMI.

The site marks designer Alexandre Mattiussi’s fifth collaboration with leading architectural firm Studio KO, which has designed previous outposts in Paris and Tokyo, with signature details and one-of-a-kind exposure.