Acne Studios Debuts Colorful, First-Ever Eyewear Collection

8Image: Acne Studios.

Acne Studios‘ just-launched, first fully complete eyewear collection features seven style that focus on color and shape in regards to both its frames and lenses. Ranging from oval-shaped to a curved interpretation of the aviator, the collection exploits tints of color—most noticeably bright banana yellows and sweet pinks—to create a bold offering of optics. “I wanted to introduce new styles, and refine our previous designs, to create Acne Studios Eyewear,” says Creative Director Jonny Johansson. “For this first collection, I᠆ve drawn on my role models in music as inspiration and reference, it᠆s up to the customer to guess who.”

6Image: Acne Studios.

5Image: Acne Studios.

3Image: Acne Studios.

2Image: Acne Studios.

Acne Studios Eyewear is available in Acne Studios stores worldwide and online now.