What do Petra Nemcova and Samuelsohn Have in Common?

Petra Nemcova Samuelsohn 90th Anniversary Happy Hearts FundMenswear brand Samuelsohn is on a roll; the heritage suiting company just bought competitor Hickey Freeman and turned 90 all in pretty much the same financial quarter. Nice work, though we’re not surprised since their motto is, afterall, “Never Compromise.” That might sounds kinda recalcitrant, almost a little 2013 American politics, but rather, Samuelsohn’s form of not compromising is a little more sexy. One of our favorite femme fatale philanthropists, Petra Nemcova, showed up to celebrate the success at the Samuelsohn 90th Anniversary bash last night.  The brand’s “Never Compromise” attitude is a perfect match for Ms. Nemcova who spends her days “off the runway” traveling the world re-building the schools and lives of children devastated by natural disaster though her work with the Happy Hearts Fund. Never compromising means not settling for less. Samuelsohn does so with their suits and with their corporate responsibility. They’re making a financial commitment to Ms. Nemcova’s charity – Happy Hearts Fund – as part of their anniversary celebration.