The Best Summer Shirts that aren’t Floral

Summertime and the living’s easy — and the dressing just got easier too. Now that you can retire your winter coat for the next 4 months, we’ve rounded up some of the finest shirts to carry you through Memorial Day Weekend and beyond.


Maison Margiela Japanese Print Shirt


This pastel number with a Japanese inspired streamer-like print is the perfect alternative to any traditional floral shirt.

$1455, available online at



Band of Outsiders Red Marble Shirt


You’ll certainly be turning heads with this oversized Greek-sculpture print shirt.

$164, available online at



Aries Dude-print shirt


Remember when FKA Twigs wore that Christopher Kane dress with the penis on it to the 2015 Met Gala? Now it’s your turn.

$272, available online at



Everest Isles Zip-up Beach Shirt


Workwear is still a major trend, but this bright blue colorway makes it a bit more festive for the season.

$195, available online at



Stella McCartney Rover Patchwork-Print Cotton Shirt


Imagine all the finest quilts in the world, united, in one beautiful shirt. That’s what Stella McCartney sure did.

$386, available online at



Double Rainbouu Synthetic Leisure Shirt


A little bit PLUR, this shirt is just ready to take a trip to a music festival.

$135, available online at



Marcelo Burlon Spaceship Print-Jersey Shirt


If Guy Fieri designed uniforms for people to wear on a spaceship, it would look something like this.

$480, available exclusively at



Missoni Tie-Dye Shirt


A more sophisticated tie-dye take that’s more Rorschach painting than Grateful Dead show.

$343, available online at



Flagstuff Camp Collar Printed Poplin Shirt


This color combination of this shirt is just perfect.

$335, available online at



Thom Browne Gnome-print short-sleeved cotton-poplin shirt


Thom Browne is known for his utilitarian uniform style, so it’s always nice when he gets a little playful. See above.

$590, available online at