Sandro Mens Fall 2012: How to be Forwardly Elegant

Sandro Fall 2012 Mens: How to be Forwardly Elegant

With a new namesake Madison Avenue store, featuring the full range of Sandro Mens Fall 2012, it’s looking to be a big season for the French brand and its growing relationship with us men (Sando was founded in the early 80’s but didn’t start menswear ’till 2008). First, the collection, in which designer Ilan Chetrite (son of the company’s founder and womenswear designer Evelyn Chetrite) delivers a slew of covetable items for the stately and elegant fellow. Sport the tailored navy, cropped, double breasted blazer that’s made from 100% wool and lined in comfortable mesh for finer affairs, or throw in the blue, striped tunic and go when it’s more casual. The shearling’s a nice touch on the cropped peacoat, leather aviator and the denim jacket and the native print on the knit sweater and the slight fisherman’s cardigan chills out, demurely, on the apex of trendy current-ness. And also, there’s some unexpected gems like the belted peacoat with asymmetrical top pocket. You can pick all this stuff up at their online shop, or at any of their boutiques that happen to carry mens (check here for a full list), including that store on Madison we spoke of earlier—a stone’s throw from Central Park West and the Whitney Museum, it’s a 1300 square foot steel and wood space that perfectly compliments the chic and modern tone of Sandro’s clothing.

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