Run Through the Snow in Tracksmith’s No Days Off Collection

Tracksmith-NYC-6360nImage: Tracksmith.

Plummeting temperatures, stinging lungs, and howling winds. Those of us living in the Northeast have all battled with ourselves over the idea of venturing out into the brutal cold to exercise and sadly sometimes usually, we admit, we default to staying safe and warm inside. Fortunately all that changes now with Tracksmith’s new No Days Off, a fitness-primed collection that eliminates any and all tired excuses.

Tracksmith-NYC-6373nImage: Tracksmith.

Tracksmith-NYC-7094n-(1)Image: Tracksmith.

Featuring some of Tracksmith’s known silhouettes in black, the new collection is specifically for those that want to continue training throughout Mother Nature’s unrelenting cold and, in addition to workout gear, it also introduces two product firsts for the brand. The new NE Thermal, a waffle knit that employs merino/poly sport wool and a styling that makes it both a superior deep winter mid-layer and a great outer layer for warmer, windless training days. While the Varsity Runner’s Cap is an ultra-soft, ribbed, and 100% merino beanie that will keep those ears toasty warm.

Tracksmith-NYC-9661-(1)Image: Tracksmith.

Tracksmith’s full line of premium performance apparel will have you up and running, like a true marathon pro through the inclement weather with comfortable lightweight layers that still seal in warmth but look cool doing so.