RAYMOND WEIL’s New Cello-Inspired Watch

RW_nabucco_1842-bsf-20001_3_4_cmyk_iso_v2_300_72dpi_forprintImage: RAYMOND WEIL.

Luxury Swiss watch brand RAYMOND WEIL has created a new timepiece for the nabucco collection called nabucco Cello Tourbillon. CEO Elie Bernheim, grandson of the founder and cellist from an early age, took design cues directly from his noble instrument for the new watch. “The nabucco Cello Tourbillon reflects many of our brand’s core values,” says Bernheim. “Notably being entirely inspired by music and by featuring a number of haute horlogerie finishes. The result that is utterly unique.” This new model truly embodies a creative intertwining of watch components that evoke the theme of the cello as the crisp lines contrast with the softness of the musical intention conveyed.

RW_nabucco_1842-bsf-20001_back_cmyk_iso_v2_300_72dpi_forprintImage: RAYMOND WEIL.

The nabucco Cello Tourbillon features sapphire crystals on both sides as well as a black crocodile strap with a double-push security system. Described as a “de-structured cello,” the timepiece’s movement bridges take the form of the instrument’s distinctive f-holes. Delicate diamond-tipped hands form the shape of a cello bow and the five lines of a musical stave are represented in the grooved bezel. Taught across the dial of the watch are four tiny strings that combine the bridges to create the striking illusion of a miniature instrument, making the nabucco Cello Tourbillon a true standout piece in the world of luxury watchmaking.

The new nabucco Cello Tourbillon is only being produced in ten limited pieces, and available now online.