Penfield’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection Brings the Great Outdoors to the City

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Images: Penfield.

Divided into three parts, Penfield’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection seeks to balance weather-proof outerwear with streetwear attitude, demonstrating each’s potential for a symbiotic relationship and the market’s demand for casual-chic alternatives. Always one to understand their consumer’s needs, the brand has crafted a series of layer-able outerwear pieces that can be mixed and matched to create endless pairings suitable for any weather condition – covetous attributes the busy man of today chases. Debuting a lookbook that reads like a modernized Hemingway novel, the first story features the edgier pieces in the collection, decking models out in head to toe sporty black ensembles. To counteract these colder tones, the second story has hints of retro style, with color-blocked parkas and embossed crew-necks creating a modern and more sophisticated take on ’80s and ’90s ski-wear. The third and final story combines prep and street sensibilities with wooly bomber-style jackets that perfect practicality and style, while button-downs and cuffed pants give effortless silhouettes that are topped with plaid accents and bright orange beanies. This diverse collection has options for everyone, whether a sleek city-goer, cold-weather sports junkie, or somewhere in-between.