Overnight Celebrity

Aspiring models take note! For three days starting on Thursday, March 22nd at 74 Mercer in New York City, Badoo a new online space for “meeting” (whatever…just don’t call it dating) will be looking for some star quality faces to post on billboards all around the city. To help, they’ve enlisted Nick Cannon along with photographers to the stars Dan Martensen, Brooke Nipar, Danielle Levitt and Kenneth Cappello – who have shot everyone from Rihanna to Katy Perry to Justin Bieber—to photograph at least 1,000 New Yorkers. Everyone who gets shot can use the image to start their Badoo profile but the real draw is that a lucky few will be selected to have their mug featured on ads throughout the city. They’re calling it the largest fashion photo shoot ever in New York City. That’s debatable, but either way, its much less risky than giving it a go on reality TV.

Sign up for the photoshoot here: